Wood Spoon Repair

12 November 2017

Summary Quick fix for a wooden spoon that was ruined after being run through the dishwasher. Due to the oily nature of wooden kitchen…

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No 4 Machine Vice

24 October 2017

About The Vice Short story this time. This number 4 machine vice came with my DP220 drill press (restoration coming soon!) Initial Condition…

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40mm Fan Inline Pipe Adapter

27 September 2017

Simple adapter to fit an 40mm fan in a standard 2in schedule 40 PVC pipe.

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Kegerator Check Ball Retainer

25 September 2017

Summary This part replaces the small plastic retainer that stops the check valve ball from traveling up the beer outlet tube on a kegerator…

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Cabinet Kegerator

14 September 2017

This is kegerator was built as a wedding present for my brother. It is styled to match the existing kitchen cabinets in his house and features a custom concrete counter-top.

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