12v Air Pump Shock Housing


12 April 2022

12v Air Pump Shock Housing Featured Image

General Info

This was built to solve two problems I had with our existing pond pumphouse setup, noise and fluctuating water levels.

Our pumphouse is situated in a floodplain that has a raising and lowering water level, occasionally this can get high enough to flood the pump. The tub-style shape of this mount gains an extra few inches of water level before the pump would be flooded.

The vibration damping ball isolation prevents the pump from transferring its sound and vibration into the wood structure of the pump house to keep noise levels down.


  • Fusion 360


1. Print the parts using ABS or PETG plastic (for heat resistance outdoors). 2. Insert the [Vibration Damping Balls](

) into the printed holes to combine the mounting plates and bottom plate. 3. Epoxy the bottom plate to the tub. 4. Seal the outside of the tub with epoxy for waterproofing. 5. Mount the pump to the tub and the tub to a structure (inside a pumphouse typically).


Some sort of built-in cable management would be a good thing to add someday.


[Vibration Damping Balls](



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