Twisted Cabinet Knob

24 August 2015

Summary Simple twisted cabinet knob. Intended to be printed in stainless steel filament from Proto-Pasta: (…

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Raspberry Pi 2 Case (minimalistic with ventilation)

23 August 2015

Summary Remix of this awesome case with added ventilation. Thanks for the original upload lyratron!

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Modern Cabinet Knob

19 August 2015

Summary Simple modern cone shaped cabinet knob.

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Cutting Boards

22 December 2014

Summary I made these two long grain cutting boards as Christmas presents for my brother and my mother. A cutting board is one of the…

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UPT Y Mods

23 August 2014

Summary This is a quick and dirty sketch of how I build my mods for UPT student harnesses. If you need information beyond this, contact me…

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