Vertical Server Cabinet

03 August 2017

About I have three rackmount servers, a router, compute server, and storage server. Rackmount servers, while powerful and cheap (cost to…

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Panel Meter Weather Station

22 June 2017

Summary I made two of these panel meter weather stations, one for my Father and one for my soon-to-be Father-In-Law for Father's Day 201…

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Angular Speaker Box

11 February 2017

3D printed angular speaker enclosure for 3 in speaker drivers.

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Tiny Spools

05 February 2017

Summary A tiny spool (slightly larger than a household bobbin) that can be easily printed without supports. The spools are printed in two…

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Beehive Monitor

20 December 2016

Beehive monitor that allows you to see the temperature and humidity of the hive.

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