Nixie Tube Clock

07 October 2019

This nixie tube clock was built as a gift for the Smiths as a thank you for letting us get married at Flying Horse Ranch.

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Mug Cake Mugs

18 September 2019

Summary This is a custom mug cake recipe mug that I designed for Valentine's Day. I made a set of two for my wife initially but ultimately…

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Foothills Farm Concrete Stamp

04 September 2019

A really big cookie-cutter style logo for concrete casting.

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3D Printer Cabinet

21 August 2019

Rolling cabinet built to house my plastic and resin printers, and their mess.

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Boat House Wear Plate

12 August 2019

Summary The boathouse at the Milton Camp has a powered winch to pull watercraft up the ramp. The winch is located at the back of the…

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