2D Printer Cabinet

19 October 2018

Summary I built this printer cabinet to deal with the mess associated with having multiple printers and all their associated supplies. The…

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Acrylic Business Card Holders

30 September 2018

Summary These acrylic business card holders we’re made for Cassidy Design, a home design company in Colorado Springs. The owner wanted a way…

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Hummingbird Hammocks Cornhole

23 September 2018
#Woodworking, CNC

Summary Hummingbird Hammocks themed cornhole set made for and with my friend Ryan. Fairly simple construction using 1 inch dimensional…

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Solder Fume Extractor

27 February 2018

Summary I recently upgraded the inline blower fan in my server fan cooling system and was looking for a use for the old one. I decided to…

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Toolbox Restoration

17 February 2018

Summary My Dad gave me this old truck bed toolbox that he no longer needed. I cleaned it up with some industrial degreaser, removed the old…

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