30 October 2020

Who Am I?

My name is Chris Loidolt.

I like learning and creating. I strongly believe the world needs more of that.

Born and raised in Colorado, I now live in Monument and enjoy taking advantage of what this beautiful place has to offer. I have been building, drawing, designing, carving, modeling, programming, soldering, sewing, capturing, and flying for as long as I can remember.

My personality can be best defined by my level of creativity and quality in work. Speak softly and carry an impressive portfolio.

Skills Qualifications
Woodworking FAA Private Pilot
CNC Routing and Machining High Performance Endorsement
Laser Cutting FAA Commercial Drone Pilot
Composites PADI Rescue Diver
Metalworking PADI Divemaster
Industrial Sewing Emergency First Responder
Electronics Soldering and Assembly USPA D Skydiving License
2D/3D CAD USPA Skydiving Coach
Photogrammetry USPA Skydiving IAD Instructor
Planimetrics USPA Pro License
Earthworks Surface Modeling USHPA P-2 License
Raster Graphics FAA Senior Parachute Rigger (Back and Seat)
Vector Graphics
Photo/Video Editing
Loidolt Design 2020