What I Do


I’m a web designer, system admin, and graphic designer. I create clean, responsive, modern websites that bring your company to the front of the pack in a technology driven world.
My personal style is bold and deliberate. That said, a website is the digital fingerprint of your company and will be treated as such.

I build and run optimized servers in Google’s Cloud Platform with the things you need for a blazing fast website and none of the bloat. My servers run lean and stable so your website is always up and always fast.


Who Am I?


My name is Chris Loidolt.

I like learning and creating.  I strongly believe the world needs more of that.

Born and raised in Colorado, I now live in Fort Collins and enjoy taking advantage of what this beautiful place has to offer. I have been building, drawing, designing, carving, modeling, programming, soldering, sewing, capturing, and flying for as long as I can remember.

My personality can be best defined by my level of creativity and quality in work. Speak softly and carry an impressive portfolio.