Arcade Button Box


01 November 2021

Arcade Button Box Featured Image

General Info

Our son (1 year old) loves to click and press tactile things, so this box was made to house an arcade button and simply increment a counter every time it is pressed. The total count is stored in EEPROM for data persistence and is displayed on a small OLED panel using an attiny85.

Theo presses button, counter goes up and inverts colors, everyone is happy.


  • Fusion 360
  • Arduino


Print the box and wire the attiny85 to a 18650 for power and to a 32x128 OLED for the output, reference the Arduino code for pin definitions.

This is a very simple bit of code so feel free to modify it as needed or desired.


Power on the device and start clicking!


Occasionally the count is not stored reliably, I suspect this is due to my relative inexperience with EEPROM.


  • Git Repository

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