Automatic Winding Machine


26 October 2016

Automatic Winding Machine Featured Image


This is an automatic winding machine for coiling up small cords, strings, or wires. We needed a way to reliably coil up specific lengths of cord for sale in a kit.

The rotary encoder keeps track of the distance coiled with a closed-loop system. This allows more foolproof operation, recovery if the spool hangs up or jams, and the ability to adjust the diameter of the coil without having to change the code.

There are two versions, one with arcade buttons and the other with a housing for 4 tactile buttons and an LCD display. I ultimately went with the button-style setup to save time programming and teaching the operator to use it.

Firmware is included for the button version, buttons and additional lengths can be added more or less indefinitely.

Bill Of Materials


  • 2020 Misumi T-Slot:
    • 8x 156mm 1x 175mm
  • Bearings:
    • 6x 623Z 2x 608Z
  • Fasteners:
    • 1x 8mm x 65mm Bolt A bunch of M3 screws, washers and t-slot nuts


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