Biltong Cutter


07 March 2014

Biltong Cutter Featured Image


This was a project I did for Nick Burden. He paid for the materials and I got to play around for a few days and make this thing. Since I had never seen or used a biltong cutter before, this was designed purely from research and images off the internet. The wood used was hard maple and padauk. There is a 1/2 inch steel rod for the handle pivot and the actual cutter is a block plane blade. Getting the angle of the blade to match up with the angle I cut in the block was a bit of a challenge, but it lined up perfectly in the end so I’m happy. The entire thing is constructed like a cutting board with a massive finger joint in the middle to put the back wall at a 90-degree angle. The blade was really dull and at too steep a bevel when I got it so the bevel was reset by hand and then honed. This was a fun build and getting it to work was a nice mental exercise.

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