Black Swift Bird Houses


16 November 2018

Black Swift Bird Houses Featured Image


The design parameters for this build included clean lines, a modern aesthetic, a front-facing logo, and a functional birdhouse. We settled on a boxy birdhouse that is approximately the correct size for birds in this area with a 3/4" wall thickness for the insulation value required in Colorado's winter climate.

The Build

The build and assembly were pretty straightforward. All the lower section blocks are the same (except for the block with a hole and the engraved block), so it was just a matter of cutting all the pieces, gluing up ring sections, and stacking them all together.

Spacers were added to the bolt side of the lid to achieve the modern angled roof aesthetic, and the hanger bolt was drilled and countersunk on an angle to keep it plumb with the hang line. All hardware was stainless steel except for the spacers under the roof which were made from aluminum.


We went with exterior polyurethane for a more durable finish this time due to the intended use case. A couple of coats were brushed on to build up thickness and the final coat was sprayed on.

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