Bow String Jig


09 March 2014

Bow String Jig Featured Image


Not one of my more glamorous projects, but hey, sometimes things just need to function. This is a single pivot design bowstring jig. I don’t personally see the need for a double pivot but I guess if you were doing lots of strings, it would be nice. For the design, I will refer you to the videos done by Backyard Bowyer on YouTube. I based mine off of his and after using mine, I think his version is better.

I used aluminum pins as the posts instead of screws, and I used washers under the boards to slide in the cable channel. His decision to use wood blocks is better and I recommend doing that. Shown below is my first string made on this jig - or ever for that matter. Not the prettiest string ever but it was my first one so go easy on me. The string functions perfectly and is much better than the old one that the bow had.

Oh, I thought up a rather clever way to polish the inside of a hole as this was critical to not damaging the serving thread. Coat a piece of twine in a polish compound and then use that in a flossing motion through the hole until nice and smooth. Seemed to work great and is something I will log away for future use.

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