Cabinet Kegerator


14 September 2017

Cabinet Kegerator Featured Image


This is kegerator was built as a wedding present for my brother. It is styled to match the existing kitchen cabinets in his house and features a custom concrete counter-top.


The mini-fridge used for this kegerator was previously my parents, they were kind enough to donate it to the cause. This mini-fridge did come with one issue however, the temperature controller was very unreliable resulting in many frozen beers and sodas in the past.

I solved this problem by creating my controller based on an Atmega 328p (standalone Arduino Uno,) waterproof temperature probe, a relay, and some supporting components. This controller checks the temperature every half second, averages the values, turns the compressor on and off when appropriate, and has a high-pressure start safety timer built-in.

A small 40mm x 28mm server fan was placed in a custom mount to blow cold air up into the tower to prevent warm tubes from foaming the beer on exit.

The Build

The cabinet was built using hemlock for long-term dimensional stability. It sits on small casters to allow the machine to be rolled around and has a fan in the back to pull warm air off the expansion section of the fridge. It was stained very dark to match the existing cabinetry and finished with several coats of spray lacquer.

The countertop was molded to fit the cabinet perfectly. It has a hole for the kegerator tower and a built-in spill catch. A simple wood grill was made to fit in the spill catch using padauk for its natural anti-bacterial and water-resistant properties.

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