Cat Hammock


06 December 2012

Cat Hammock Featured Image


Ah yes, the cat hammock. This was quite possibly my first sewing project ever. It’s at least the first one I remember well enough to share here. The goal of this project was simply to practice sewing. Being a hemmed triangle, it was an excellent beginner project. I learned that, if you give a cat somewhere to sleep that is suspended at any height they will typically fall in love with it, as well as jump from unreasonable distances into it. So make sure you build it strong and attach it to the wall in a proper load-bearing fashion if you build one of these - or don’t. Cats are good at falling…

Construction couldn’t be much more straightforward. It’s a triangle with loops on the corners for suspension. Initially, it was just bare ripstop, but I soon added fleece to keep claws from doing damage to the load-bearing fabric and for a little extra warmth and comfort in the winter. Cats are picky after all.

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