Cedar Arrows


06 March 2014

Cedar Arrows Featured Image


This is more a lesson in how I learned that it makes very little sense to try to make your own wood arrow shafts. Currently, it costs me roughly $1.50-2.00 per shaft in materials alone to make arrow shafts myself. Now you may think that’s cheap, and it is. However, perfectly spined, weighed, and grained arrows can be had for about $3.00 online. This means you don’t have to go get wood, resaw the wood into correctly sized pieces, dowel the pieces, sand them, spine them, weigh them, and throw away about half of them cause they didn’t turn out. Cutting that amount of work and time out of the project is completely worth an extra dollar per shaft. Anyway, I took pictures of the process of making my own shafts and then some of the process of finishing the cedar shafts I ended up buying anyway.

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