Cedar Beam Table


27 July 2020

Cedar Beam Table Featured Image


This beautiful piece of cedar was hand-hewn by our family friend Ken Sherwood. He cut and shaped this piece on his property using traditional tools.

Unfortunately, since they live in upstate New York and we live in Colorado, despite our best efforts the wood did end up checking a bit during the accelerated drying process. To remedy this, I cut a few bow ties out of purple heart and hand gouged them to match the existing hand-hewn surface with a contrasting pattern.

The tabletop was then lightly sanded to remove any remaining bark or roughness and 4 coats of polyurethane were applied. We went heavy on the finish and used a durable blend since this will be our entryway table and will likely see a lot of use.

For the legs, we had been saving the old cast iron base from the Logan 200 lathe for just such an occasion. All they needed were a couple of extra coats of black enamel and some lags to mount the top.

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