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Lean & Fast
Cloud Web Hosting

All of the websites I build and manage are hosted on custom built servers on Google Cloud Platform. Running on the same databases as Youtube, Spotify, Snapchat and many many others. I leverage Google’s expansive network to provide you with the fastest and most reliable hosting possible.


With clean, bloat free, nginx servers running on industry leading database hardware it’s hard to go wrong. Insanely low server response times (under 200 ms,) future proof scale able performance. All my servers are running Intel Haswell processors with lightning fast SSD boot and storage drives for the fastest performance possible.


With a 99.983% up time through the Google Cloud Platform, you can rest comfortably knowing your website will always be there for you and your customers. Your website runs on it’s own private server, protecting you from resource hogs that might slow your website down during peak hours on other hosting services.


Safe and Secure

With dedicated private servers, automatic entire server, site and database backups and SSD cloud storage, I’ve got your data locked down. Your website will back itself up in it’s entirety every single night. Then it will do it again into special long term storage once a week.

Global CDN

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. It’s a way to store all of your static files like images, style sheets and javascript in caches all over the globe. This puts all of your largest items as close to your customer as possible, that way your website loads lightning fast no matter if you are right next to the server or on the other side of the world.

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