Cocobolo Rings V2


15 February 2014

Cocobolo Rings V2 Featured Image


I’m not going to go into detail on how I made these, as the process is very similar to my previous version. I will, however, explain things I did differently and the extra tips and techniques I’ve discovered.

The first and possibly the best thing I did for productivity is clamping a stop block on the miter saw so I could easily reproduce similar width rings without measuring. This was extra important this time as I made four rings instead of two, and I broke one blank while drilling.

Another thing I did was purchase some name-brand Norton sandpaper, the cheap stuff simply doesn’t hold up, especially when using it for turning. Better sandpaper resulted in much less paper used and far less time sanding.

I made the rings probably twice as thick, as the first two ended up breaking during normal use. To avoid the appearance of a thick wood ring, I rounded the edges significantly on these. Much more round on the outside edge than the inside, of course. This gave the appearance of a thin ring, but the strength of a thick one.

I couldn’t find any micro-mesh locally, so I decided to try out some plastic polish I found in the automotive section at Walmart. This worked remarkably well. While I still need to find some micromesh, these came out much shinier. Also, I love the colors on these. The pink and orange are very nice.

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