COVID Face Masks


04 April 2020

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General Info

After the mandatory stay at home period of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses were allowed to resume work but under a new mask requirement. At the time, this surge in mask demand had created a huge deficit in supply. We spent about a month working 12-14 hour days making masks for businesses in the home building industry in Colorado Springs to help them resume work.

While our mask design is not particularly special or novel, it is provided here just in case it helps someone else out one day. Provided is a 3d printable template to enable fast and easy patterning of many masks.


  • Fusion 360


The masks are sewn in two layers, composed of 4 separate parts.

1. Serge the front section (the curved portion that will be the center of the face) of the outer and inner fabric together, resulting in two mask-shaped panels. 2. Serge the edges of the inner and outer fabric to prevent unraveling. 3. Sew the inner and outer fabric together along the top and bottom edges, leaving the ends pointing to the ears unsewn. 4. Invert the mask so the seams are on the inside. 5. Sew along the top and bottom edges to create a pleasing top seam and provide edge structure to the fabric. 5. Serge the ends closed. 6. Turn the ends on themselves about one inch to create a channel and sew them down to the mask. 7. Insert an ear loop into each newly sewn channel and tie it to a comfortable length.


While better than nothing, fabric-only masks of this type are not medical devices and should never be used in a critical environment. The filtering fabric could be used between the outer and inner fabric, but that would only help slightly.

Real medical masks undergo rigorous testing and meet strict standards, this mask complies with none of those requirements. NO WARRANTY IS PROVIDED, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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