Delta 37-207 Jointer Restoration


05 November 2018

Delta 37-207 Jointer Restoration Featured Image

About The Machine

This is a Delta 07-207 6" Jointer. It's the jointer side of a Delta Table Saw/ Jointer Combo marketed towards enthusiast home woodworkers in the 1940s.

I purchased this machine on October 8th, 2017 along with the accompanying Table Saw (to complete the combo unit) from a local maker space in Broomfield, CO called [The Gizmo Dojo](

). The Gizmo Dojo received the machine as a donation, the previous owner's information was not made available to me. They intended to restore it as well before finding another table saw that was better suited to their space.

Initial Condition

This jointer was in pretty unfortunate condition when I purchased it. Thick rust-covered any surface that was not painted, a lot of dirt and ancient sawdust was packed into the harder-to-clean nooks and crannies, and no motor was included. Fortunately, the spindle did run true and all of the mechanisms appeared to work well despite their rusty condition. The bearings were completely shot and the pulley was broken.


Typical restoration for the most part. Take everything apart. Remove rust and paint from everything. Paint everything. Reassemble and lubricate.

The only difference was in the threaded piece that attaches the fence to the main body. I was unable to remove the nut from that part without damaging the threads on the shaft. Luckily I had just picked up a Logan 210 metal lathe. I was able to recreate that part out of a blank of tool steel I purchased online.


After assembly, I had to build a tool stand to hold the machine at the correct height, properly deal with wood chips, and mount the motor. This tool stand was built in the same way as my other tool stands, just smaller and with a chip ramp.

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