Fiberglass Longbow V2


18 March 2014

Fiberglass Longbow V2 Featured Image


This bow turned out pretty great. The limbs are zebrawood with a maple core and the handle is Brazilian cherry with maple, wenge, padauk, and bocote accents. Many of the problems we encountered in the last bow were solved here. There were two major mistakes during the shaping and cutting of the bow, but those were lapses in judgment or lack of paying attention and I was able to solve them by the finished product.

The bow shoots really well, 60 pounds at 28 inches, good solid thump with no hand feedback. The slimmer handle on this one looks much more elegant. However, I discovered that bocote wood does not like spar varnish, so a new finish is in order. This is a great bow. Looking forward to making more like this one.

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