Fire HD 10 Wall Mount


17 February 2022

Fire HD 10 Wall Mount Featured Image

General Info

Fully enclosed wall mount for a tablet (Amazon Fire HD 10) that screws directly to a 3-gang outlet box with no screws penetrating the surrounding wall.

I wanted a solution that allowed me to permanently install a box in the wall to provide power and structure, but would facilitate swapping of the tablet or other hardware down the line without doing drywall repair.


  • Fusion 360


The case is printed in 4 pieces to keep it small enough to print on almost any 3d printer. Simply glue the top and bottom halves together and assemble them on the wall.

The cover screws onto the base using M3 screws.

You will need to get a 90-degree power adapter to fit the charging cord into the corner of the case.


Laser cutting the cover would lead to a more attractive, seamless look.

This has been modeled to specifically accommodate the 2021 version of the Fire HD 10.1" tablet.


  • Git Repository

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