Killswitch Baseus Battery Mount


06 March 2023

Killswitch Baseus Battery Mount Featured Image

General Info

This is a simple mounting adapter designed to mount a [Baseus 65W Battery](

) to the dbrand Steam Deck Killswitch case. The battery is fitted to the mount using a simple friction fit and the mount attaches to the Killswitch using dbrand's official mount 3D Model (thanks dbrand!).


  • Fusion 360


Glue the Clip to the Mount using 2-part epoxy, and allow the epoxy to fully harden overnight.


Slide the battery into the mount, attach the mount to the back of the killswitch, and relax now that your battery isn't about to die.


All credit for the Killswitch case and the associated mounting system goes to DBrand. The mounting system is their proprietary design and is not to be used for commercial purposes outside of their discretion.


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