Kossel Mini Hexagonal Base


14 July 2016

Kossel Mini Hexagonal Base Featured Image


This version is outdated, please check out version 2 by clicking the remix above or by following this link:

In my struggle to contain the wire and visual mess of my Kossel Mini printers, I designed this base.

Designed to fit almost any Kossel Mini style printer up to 220 mm build platform diameter, smaller sizes will work just fine as well. The use of brackets to attach the printer to the base allows very flexible sizes and configurations.

The model shows a Smoothieboard, though there is plenty of room for a RAMPS 1.4 or most other printer control boards in that space instead.

You will need a saw, drill, and some patience or a CNC/ laser cutter for the top and bottom sheets that complete the base as well as the bed support and insulation circle. 1:1 scale SVG files are included for all of those pieces. You can either print them out and cut around them or load up your CAM software of choice.


Print Settings

Printer: Kossel Mini

Rafts: Doesn't Matter

Supports: Doesn't Matter

Resolution: 0.3

Infill: 25%

Parts List

32x - M3 x 10 mm screws

9x - M3 x 12 mm screws

4x - M3 x 6 mm screws

(\*note that the screw lengths for attaching the top and bottom of the base to the walls assume you are counter sinking the screw heads completely, if not add an additional 3mm)

1x - 60 x 60 x 25 mm fan

Any will do, I like the quiet ones. (


1x - Inlet Module Plug

This one is more specific as it fits the hole in the back. (


1x - Panel Mount B to B Female to Male Adapter Cable (


1x - 2' x 4' 1/4" MDF Sheet

Any will do or something of similar material and thickness. This is used for the top and bottom sheets as well as for the bed support/ insulation if you so choose.

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