Laptop Sleeve


17 December 2012

Laptop Sleeve Featured Image


This was the last project I did before getting my rigger’s ticket. The laptop bag was a Christmas present for my brother (the binding tape isn’t pink, it’s brown. My camera messed that up.) The outside is some sort of fake leather. Inside is a soft velvet type material and there’s various padding in between. To make it, I measured his laptop, added 1.5″ on every side, added length for the flap, and cut it all out. The top panel and bottom panel were sewn separately and then combined later. the checker pattern was done to hold the padding to the velvet. Velcro for the flap was added just before the two pieces were combined. Don’t use too much padding or a home machine will never make it through all the layers, but add enough for protection and some stiffness.

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