Logan 210 Lathe Stand


05 November 2018

Logan 210 Lathe Stand Featured Image


I recently purchased a Logan 210 metal lathe. It did come with a stand (legs) however, as is the problem with most large tools, that stand affords no storage or mobility. Since I need to efficiently use shop space and prefer all my tools to be on wheels for easy shop re-organization, I decided to build my own.

This is a pretty simple tool stand with a couple of important differences. First is the overall build strength, this tool is about 500 lbs without the stand, so the bench needed to be stout. Second, the motor sits on a separate foot in the original design, so I added a secondary ledge and a floor jack to allow adjustability of the motor height. Being able to adjust the motor height is important for the alignment of the top of the machine as well as maintaining appropriate belt tension.

I have not yet built an organization unit for this tool stand, I want to spend some time with the tool first and develop a workflow before I lock in an organization layout.

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