Longbow V1


15 January 2014

Longbow V1 Featured Image


This bow was very short-lived and never made it off the tilling tree. The first mistake was in the pattern for the forms, which is also about all I have for pictures on this one.

What I have here is a form for a horse bow type thing, but for all the wrong reasons. This shape put way too much stress on the mid limbs, at least for my tillering and wood choice.

The next key to the puzzle of this bow’s breaking is wood choice, but more specifically the condition of the wood chosen. All three of the pieces (hickory, maple, and cherry) were of less than ideal quality. This may have been the most significant player in breaking the bow. Shaping and rough tillering went well enough. Floor tillering was a little tricky with that shape, especially for a first bow.

The true damage came when I got it up on the tillering tree and started working it. I didn’t have a scale at the time, so I was doing it all by feel. That’s a tricky thing when you have a tillering tree with a roughly 4-1 mechanical advantage. I also didn’t really know at all what I was doing. Paid no respect to doing things in a sequence, or carefully, or not exceeding my target weight since I had no idea what I was actually pulling. So I pulled too hard without taking my time and going slow and wouldn’t ya know it the bow broke. Funny how that works.

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