Longbow V2


27 January 2014

Longbow V2 Featured Image


Hey hey, a successful wood longbow! Well, sort of. This bow has a hickory back, cherry core, and a walnut belly. The riser is padauk with no fancy inlays or accents. I say sort of because as I was learning to tiller a longbow (this being my second one ever after all) I pushed it too far too fast and pulled a splinter. Pulling a splinter is when a small piece of wood lifts off the back of the bow. This was also likely due to a poor choice of hickory, you want a piece of wood that doesn't violate any rings of wood ideally. That can be hard to find in modern-day lumber without finding a sapling and making your own staves but this piece of wood was particularly bad.

Anyway, I managed to fix the splinter and make a bow that at least functions. By the time I got it to work, I had lost a lot of weight. Ended up being no more than 35 pounds. But hey, it works and it was good practice! We did end up making one more bow after this one and it broke for the same reason, I don't have enough information and pictures to do a separate post about that. The failure of the third bow ushered in the start of the fiberglass and wood longbows.

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