P4P Triple Charger Fan Bracket

13 January 2012


The fans in my Powerextra triple charger for DJI Phantom 4 Pro batteries started to fail and were frankly not sufficient for safe cooling to begin with. Link below to the exact item I have, though I suspect any of the same looking blue chargers would be exactly the same;


This adapter allows the use of a 40mm fan instead of the 25mm fan the unit comes with.


Assembly Instructions

Unscrew the case, remove the old fan and strip the wires going to the fan connection header.

Screw the bracket into place using the existing screw holes on the left-hand side and a single screw through the slot on the right-hand side.

Screw the fan into the bracket using M3 screws. Pass the fan wire through the slot on the right-hand side.

Solder the fan wires onto the fan header wires.

Re-assemble case and test.

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