Pond Pump House


28 August 2020

Pond Pump House Featured Image


This small pump house was built for our backyard pond to help mitigate the growth of duckweed and maintain healthy oxygen saturation levels for wildlife. Pressure-treated lumber was used for the construction and the design includes small legs to keep the bottom off the ground (and out of the water) while giving us something to pack dirt around for stability.

The system consists of a solar panel, MPPT charge controller, deep cycle battery, inverter, and pond air pump. The pump sends air down two self-sinking tubes terminated with 8 inch diameter air disks at the bottom of the pond.

I also built a small shelf to hide most of the inner workings and provide a place to store chemicals, a skimmer, and anything else that needs to live down by the pond.


A second solar panel was added (as well as a new lid to accommodate both panels) to keep up with power draw on days without full direct sun.

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