Purple Heart Shave Brush


07 February 2014

Purple Heart Shave Brush Featured Image


This is the first shave brush I made. It was also made before I had a lathe. So, this was all done vertically on a drill press with a tool rest I made from some 3/4″ plywood.

I drilled the hole for the badger hair knot after the handle was shaped, but in the future, I would do it in the opposite order. The hole for the hair knot should be 2 mm larger than the diameter of the knot and the depth of the hole will be set by how you want the brush to look. I prefer a larger brush with a round shape, so I keep my hole depth shallow so the brush can expand. Roughly 2-6 mm deeper than the edge of the knot should be sufficient. Deeper will cause the brush to stand taller and be stiffer. Shallower will make the brush wider, but weaker. Be sure to at least make the hole deeper than the edge of the knot so that it is completely concealed and out of sight. The knot is glued in with something waterproof. Some people do a glue that can be removed later if they want. I just use epoxy.

New brushes should always be broken in by washing the hair with shampoo and rinsing thoroughly. Then, be sure to fluff the brush into a desirable shape and allow it to dry.

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