Raspberry Pi 2 case (vented with external screws)


25 August 2015

Raspberry Pi 2 case (vented with external screws) Featured Image


Raspberry Pi 2 case with ventilation and external enclosure screws.

Having an issue finding small enough screws for the mounting holes in the Raspberry Pi 2, I have moved the screws outside the case body and will be fixing the RPi down with foam mounting tape (3M command strips.) Additionally, the screws no longer go all the way through the case, they just thread into the bottom piece. I didn't want to counter-sink the screws on the bottom or add rubber feet to avoid scratching stuff.


Case screws together with M3-0.5 x 10 mm socket cap screws (can be found at Home Depot,) To attach the RPi to the bottom of the case I just used some small pieces of 3M command strip mounting tape.

I am using this for an HTPC so I have no need for the GPIO pins, and have removed them on my board. If you want to keep them you will need to trim them, bend them over, or create a slot in the top piece to accommodate the extra height they require. I have included the .skp for easy editing.

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