Reolink Camera Pole Mount


07 September 2021

Reolink Camera Pole Mount Featured Image

General Info

We have cameras that allow us to monitor our pond and our beehives, both of which are in a field with no suitable structures to mount a camera. This bracket was designed to accommodate both the camera mount as well as the solar panel mount for a WiFi based solar Reolink camera.


  • Fusion 360


Mount the brackets to a pole using 6 stainless steel M3 socket screws for each bracket. Clamp the bracket to the pipe until snug but be careful not to strip the threaded holes.

Mount the camera and solar panels to the bracket and adjust for the proper viewing angle.


I strongly suggest printing in PETG or ABS for better UV and heat resistance. A light color also helps avoid heat build-up and plastic softening.


[Reolink Camera System](



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