Small Wenge Cup


29 March 2014

Small Wenge Cup Featured Image


This project started out with wanting to make a wooden tankard. When I cut the pieces to glue up the hollow form of the tankard, I cut the angles incorrectly. Rather than just scrap the wood I decided to glue them up anyway and see what I could make out of it. The wood used was wenge and the bottom of the cup is plugged with a piece of padauk. Since the wood was glued into a hollow octagonal form, there was a hole in the bottom that had to be plugged. The plug was made by tracing the hole in the cup and then hand-cutting and fitting a plug that is ever so slightly tapered. The taper allows the plug to be carefully tapped into place, forming a very tight, waterproof seal.

There is enough wood for a second cup here but I’m not sure it’s worth finishing, since the first one turned out so small. On a side note, padauk and wenge look really fantastic together. Noted for future projects.

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