Solid Door Workbenches


25 April 2014

Solid Door Workbenches Featured Image


I built two new workbenches to reduce the mess in the shop as well as expand the usable workspace I have. Both workbenches are made from damaged solid core doors that I got for free. They are both on casters so they can easily be moved around and put away. Both workbenches also feature built-in vacuum tubes and electrical. The shorter of the two has an inset table saw and a built-in router table. These also have vacuum and power running to them so they can be used without fiddling with any wires or tubes. The surfaces are finished with natural danish oil, purely for water protection. The only thing not done is to make some wedges that can be put under the legs to make the tables solid to the ground by getting them off the wheels. Not a showpiece project, but it sure will make my life easier and cleaner.

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