Sparkfun Amp Enclosure (STA540)


02 September 2015

Sparkfun Amp Enclosure (STA540) Featured Image


Enclosure for the small stereo amp kit sold by Sparkfun (

). This enclosure also includes space and cutouts for an external power switch, RCA audio-in jacks, a power jack, and a 4 spring speaker terminal.


Case lid screws to the base using 4 M3 x 12 mm socket head screws. The board screws into the bottom of the case using the provided screws in the amplifier kit. The RCA and power jacks are mounted upside down to the inbuilt shelf to provide easier access to the pins since the platform is not removable. I recommend gluing those jacks in with hot glue or just a dab of epoxy. Below is a list of links for all the components used in this build:

Amplifier Kit:

RCA Jack:

Power Jack:

Rocker Switch:

4 Spring Speaker Terminal:

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