Taxiway Lights


15 May 2020

Taxiway Lights Featured Image

General Info

These parts are designed to accommodate a small addressable LED ring light, mounted on a pedestal in the center that keeps it free of moisture. The design is intended to shed water incoming from above, and allow any condensation to safely run down the sides of the interior and drain out the bottom. Being a 3d printed housing, some water ingress is expected and dealt with using the self-draining design.


  • Fusion 360


A seal between the lens and the lower housing is provided by a small piece of flexible filament. This filament should be cut to length for a tight fit and pressed into the groove between the two parts. The softer the filament, the better the seal.

A LED ring is intended to be glued or otherwise adhered to the center pedestal, wires should be routed through the center hold and out the bottom.


The housing is sized to mount onto a standard 3/4 inch EMT conduit and is expected to receive external power through the post using direct burial wire. Secure the housing to the conduit using M5 hardware.


Unfortunately, due to some landscaping time constraints, I was unable to complete this project fully. The parts should be functional and were tested, but I was never able to install them on the property.

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