Window Blind Cord Child Proofing


09 May 2020

Window Blind Cord Child Proofing Featured Image


Magnetic detachable window blinds cord hanger. Keeps the cord from your blinds up off the ground for childproofing, robot vacuums, or whatever other reason you want cords to be managed and up out of the way.

I designed these to replace the commercial options out there that cost upwards of $8-10 dollars per window, which is crazy for some plastic and a few magnets.

Uses cheap, ceramic round fridge magnets that can be readily found on Amazon or eBay in packs of 100 for about $8. Magnet size is 18 mm x 5 mm (though the magnets tend to be slightly smaller than their stated dimensions and the model reflects this).

Each window will need 3X 18 mm x 5 mm ceramic magnet.

Print Settings

Printer brand: Prusa

Printer: I3 MK3S

Rafts: Doesn't Matter

Supports: No

Resolution: 0.15

Filament_brand: Any

Filament_color: Any

Filament_material: PLA

Notes: Higher resolution is better since these are small parts with threads. If the thread fit is too tight, check your extrusion settings.


Assembly Instructions

Place a magnet in the back of the base part and attach it to the wall using double-sided mounting tape.

Place a magnet in the male half of the cord clamp (be sure it is attracted to the base magnet on the outside face).

Place the cord in the slots seen on the side of the male clamp piece.

Place another magnet in opposing magnetic orientation of the first magnet on top of the cord.

Carefully hold the top magnet in place and screw on the female half of the cord clamp until the assembly no longer slides on the cord.

Test and enjoy!

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