Wood Shot Glasses


09 February 2014

Wood Shot Glasses Featured Image


I finally got a lathe, after roughly six years of wishing I had one. I decided to make some shot glasses to run it through its paces. What better way to break in a lathe than to make shot glasses to drink to its honor right? These were much less thought out than most of my projects. More of a go-with-the-flow and figure-things-out-as-I-work type thing.

There are several shot glasses pictured in the gallery below. They are in order of when they were made. As I got more comfortable, I began to experiment with different glue-ups and finishes. I found CA glue to be the most practical finish as it completely seals the wood in what is essentially a layer of plastic.

They all hold water well. The padauk is better at not being affected by moisture, even without an oil finish. It’s also the lightest and easiest to work with by a lot.

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