Yeti Magslider Replacement


22 May 2019

Yeti Magslider Replacement Featured Image



Since Yeti keeps running out of stock for their MagSlider replacements, I decided to model up my own. This part is a direct replacement for the slider on your Yeti cups that keeps flying off and getting lost.

You will need a 5 mm x 3 mm round neodymium magnet. I used the magnets found in the Amazon link below, but any same-size magnet will do:

You can also easily modify the Fusion 360 file to use any magnet size you want (as long as it fits within the volume of the slider). The last sketch and extrusion in the file sets the size and depth of the magnet pocket.


Place the magnet on your Yeti cup lid to ensure proper magnetic alignment, and then press the replacement MagSlider over the magnet. Depending on your magnet's tolerances, you may need a dab of super glue to hold it in place.

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