Zebrawood Slingshot


28 August 2013

Zebrawood Slingshot Featured Image


It had been a very long time since I last made a slingshot - at least a decade. I thought it would be fun to give it a try again. Zebrawood is a little silly for a project like this but I had a scrap piece laying around that was the right size.

I prefer “over the top” style shooters instead of “through the fork.” The frame is designed to be used with a three-point grip or a normal ham fist grip. I prefer the three-point style where my palm, index finger, and thumb work together to support the load. I hand-shaped the frame using a hand saw and a lot of rasping and filing.

The bands are made of Theraband Gold - two strips on each side. Each strip is 3 cm on the frame side and 2 cm at the pouch, with an overall length of 20 cm. There are a lot of tutorials online for attaching bands to pouches and frames, but basically, it’s just wrapping a thin strip a bunch of times and then under itself once. The pouch is about 6 cm long and 2 cm tall. Not totally sure because I just eyeballed it.

Slingshot works great and is an absolute joy to shoot. And isn’t that all anyone ever wants out of a slingshot anyway? Might add a third band to each side sometime in the future to give it a little more power.

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